2024 Summer Workshop Series

Discover the Ultimate Legal Workshop Series for Creative Business Owners

Are you ready to protect your ass(ets) without the legal confusion? Join our exclusive six-part summer workshop series, designed specifically for small creative business owners. Each workshop will dive deep into essential topics, ensuring you have all the legal knowledge you need to succeed.

What you’ll get inside each workshop:

  • A pre-recorded video lesson: learn at your own pace with comprehensive video content.
  • A written transcript of the lesson: perfect for those who prefer reading or need a quick reference.
  • Lesson slide deck: perfect for those visual learners
  • A prioritized list of action items: take immediate, effective action on what you’ve learned.
  • Links, worksheets, templates, and more: Extra resources to support your learning journey.

After each workshop, you’ll have a week to absorb everything. Then, join our live Q&A session on Wednesdays at 10 AM PDT | 1 PM EDT. All sessions are recorded, so you’ll never miss out!

Workshop Pricing:

The Workshops

Jump to: Nuts and bolts of selling online | How to review and negotiate a licensing contract | Contract negotiation strategies | Cookies, website policies, and privacy | Building an email list | You are an LLC, now what?

Nuts and bolts of selling online

Discover the basics of selling products or services online, including legal essentials, permits, licenses, and navigating the sales tax minefield. This workshop will ensure your online shop operates legally and efficiently.

  • Release Date: June 26
  • Live Q&A: July 3

How to review and negotiate a licensing contract

Learn to understand and negotiate licensing agreements, spot contract tricks, and decide if signing a licensing agreement is a good business decision.

  • Release Date: July 10
  • Live Q&A: July 17

Contract negotiation strategies

Prepare for contract negotiations with industry standards, negotiation tactics, and knowing when to walk away.

  • Release Date: July 31
  • Live Q&A: August 2

Cookies, website policies, and privacy

Implement website policies to build trust with visitors. Learn about online privacy laws and how to manage cookie pop-ups.

  • Release date: August 14
  • Live Q&A: August 21

Building an email list

Grow your email list legally, comply with U.S. and EU laws, and effectively add contacts from in-person events.

  • Release Date: August 28
  • Live Q&A: September 4th

You are an LLC, now what?

Understand the legal requirements for LLCs, avoid common mistakes, and keep your LLC in good standing.

  • Release Date: September 18
  • Live Q&A: September 25

Why choose our workshops?

We understand that everyone learns differently. That’s why when you join us, you’re not just getting a workshop recording. You’re getting:

  • A Comprehensive Set of Resources: Designed to support your learning style.
  • 24/7 Support: Leave questions anytime on the workshop page and get help when you need it.
  • Expert Guidance: Access to a licensed attorney who understands creative businesses.
  • Community Support: Join a community that will help you navigate legal challenges.

Ready to Get Started?

By participating in this workshop series, you’re taking a crucial step towards ensuring your creative business thrives legally and efficiently. Join us and transform your legal knowledge this summer!

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