How to review and negotiate a licensing contract

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FYI: We’ll be hosting a LIVE version of this workshop this summer!

The pre-recorded workshop content will drop on July 10th and there will be a live Q&A session on July 17th.

Is signing this licensing agreement a good business decision?

Learn to confidently read and negotiate licensing agreements…and spot those sections designed to trick unsuspecting artists!

Licensing deals can be a steady, profitable revenue stream for your business.

But far too many artists don’t understand the legal fine print of licensing deals, so they:

  • Sign contracts they later regret.
  • Give away broader rights to use the designs than they intended.
  • Don’t get compensated fairly for how the designs can be used.

Many artists also don’t understand typical things that are (and aren’t) negotiable. And what to ask for when they negotiate.

But what if you had the confidence that you could read, understand, and negotiate licensing agreements? So that you only sign contracts that are fair to you and your business.

In this workshop you’ll discover how to:

  • understand common sections of a licensing agreement
  • spot common contract “tricks” that companies will try to pass off on those who don’t read the fine print
  • approach negotiating a licensing agreement, including which sections you commonly can (and can’t) negotiate

Once you finish this workshop, you’ll be able to confidently decide if signing this licensing agreement is a good business decision.

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