Short Form Consignment Agreement

Screenshots of the Short Consignment Agreement template on a phone, tablet, and laptop

Want to sell your products at a shop that will only take them on consignment? Did you approach a consignment shop and aren’t sure if their contract is fair and covers all the right bases? Or are you a brick-and-mortar/online shop looking to sell products on consignment?

Then this contract is for you! It’s a simple document that is fair to both the shop and the maker and assures you have a smooth working relationship.

Consignment relationships require lots of trust.

An artist or maker is handing over her hard work on the hope that the store will sell it for her (and then pay her what she’s owed).

The shop is trusting that the artist makes a good product that their customers will love and won’t gather dust in their stores.

Which is why a consignment contract is a gift that you give to each other. It makes sure that you both a clear about how the relationship works.

In effect, it gets you on the same page, by literally getting you on the same page.

Can’t I just hack together my contract from free templates?

Maybe you’ve tried to create a contract before. Maybe you’ve downloaded a bunch of free templates, and cut and pasted them together. Maybe your friend shared her contract that was written by a lawyer.

But you likely wonder,

  • When push comes to shove, will this really protect my business?
  • What happens if the shop doesn’t pay?
  • My process is a little different, does this contract cover that?

This lawyer-drafted template will give you everything you need to create a custom consignment contract that protects you based on your exact process and working style. You’ll go from not knowing what to include to confidently handing it over to the other side. (And the contract skips all that unnecessary legal jargon, so it’s easy for both of you to understand!)

And if you get stuck, you’ll have access to our 24/7 online community to help you out!

How do decide which consignment agreement is right?

We have two consignment agreements. A short one-page agreement and a longer ~3-page consignment agreement.

How do you decide which one is right for your situation?

This short consignment agreement is best if:

  • you are in a temporary or short-term consignment relationship, like a pop-up or a month-long gallery show at a coffee shop
  • the total value of what’s being consigned is only a few hundred dollars at any one time

The (longer) consignment agreement is best if:

  • you plan on this being an ongoing or long-term relationship
  • your individual products retail for $200-$500 or more
  • the total value of what’s being consigned is several thousand dollars at any one time

The reason that the longer one exists is that in these longer-term relationships and/or when more money is at stake, it’s more likely that problems will crop up. So this longer agreement covers additional scenarios and ways of resolving problems if your relationship starts to sour.

What do I have for you?

  • Instant access to an ~1-page Google Doc template agreement that you can save to your own Google Drive or download to edit.
  • Instant access to an ~18-minute closed-captioned video walking you through the agreement and explaining what it says so you can easily explain it to the other side and customize it to fit your situation.
  • Instant access to the written transcript of the video as a Google Doc for those who prefer to read.

Inside you’ll find information on when it’s appropriate to remove certain sections based on the kind of work you do. And the template gives you:

  • Options based on if the shop is exclusively selling the artist’s work or if it’s a non-exclusive relationship
  • Two options based on how the artist will be paid (percentage or wholesale price)

Why should you buy from me?

Everyone’s brain works differently. Some people learn by reading, others learn by listening, and others learn by doing.

This is why when you buy from me, you aren’t just getting a contract template.

You are getting:

  • a set of resources designed to help you, in whatever way you work best
  • a 24/7 place to leave questions when you are stuck, so I can help you get unstuck
  • access to a licensed attorney that actually *gets* how a creative business operates
  • a community to help support you as you navigate getting your legal ducks in a row

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