Permits and License Guidance

I’ve been teaching a version of the 5 must-do legal tasks course since 2016. (The current version is Map #2 in the Legal Roadmap book.)

One of the biggest challenges of that course is teaching how to get the right permits and licenses for your business.

And that’s because there is no universal standard.

  • There’s no universal standard of when you need permits and licenses.
  • There’s no universal standard about how much they cost.
  • There’s no universal standard about who to call.

Instead, it’s determined, usually, on a city or county level.

And every city and county treats these things slightly differently, so there’s no one stop shop I can point creatives to to find out the information.

Since I’ve been doing these searches as a lawyer for more than a decade, the process usually doesn’t take very long.

But I’ve heard time and time again from you that the process isn’t so simple when you try to follow my process.

This is why I created a service where I do the research for you.

What the process looks like

  • Once your purchase is complete, you’ll be directed to a form to share information about your business
  • I’ll follow up with any questions
  • Within two business days, I’ll email you:
    • a list of the permits and licenses your business needs
    • direct links to the PDF or online forms to complete your permit and licenses applications
    • information on the costs associated with each application

All you’ll need to do is fill out the applications and submit them with any required filing fee!

Note: I like to be generous with refunds, but this is a service that refunds won’t be given if I’ve started the process of researching which permits and licenses your business will need.

Ready to feel confident your business has the right permits and licenses?


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